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What do we mean when we talk about the district

The Business district ‘Heart of the Monferrato’ (Cuore del Monferrato) was inaugurated in Autumn 2021, thanks to the Piemonte region that wanted to have an area where people, companies and various organisations could get together and do business.

This way new jobs are created; tourists are attracted to the area and companies become more competitive.

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The Municipalities

61 towns between the Monferrato Casalese and the north of Asti are part of it. This area is called the ‘Lower Monferrato’. The area between the province of Alessandria and Asti where Moncalvo is ‘the Heart of the Monferrato’ “Cuore del Monferrato”.

This is an area of 820 square kilometres with a population of about 59,000 inhabitants and more than 800 businesses. It is hilly in the centre and on the north side bounded by the Po River and on the south side by the Tanaro river. It has been awarded the UNESCO title ‘Paesaggi Vitivinicoli di Langhe-Roero e Monferrato’. The motorway is nearby (A21 and A26) and connects Asti, Casale and Alessandria with Turin, Vercelli, Milan and Genoa and the Langhe and Cuneo (A33 Asti – Cuneo motorway). So, it takes about an hour to reach the district from Turin, Milan and Genoa and it is not too far from France or Switzerland.

In our area there are small towns (Moncalvo has about 2,800 inhabitants while Olivola has about 100). These towns still have their old traditions of agriculture and commerce. They want to develop a common strategy to develop the land, tourism and local produce which is rich and varied.   

 They want to develop trade within the neighbouring towns, itineraries and tours for tourists and create a cooperation between the local businesses and partners and ‘interested subjects’.

The ‘partners’ of the district are


The towns of the district are: