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A heart of craftsmanship

Monferrato's heritage of creativity and know-how goes beyond food and wine.

Monferrato’s heritage of creativity and know-how goes well beyond food and wine, fully embracing the whole world of craftsmanship and reserving quite a few surprises for those coming from outside. Furniture and restoration, the art of coopers, textile traditions and the creation of clothing are just some of the components of a variegated Monferrato artisan world which in part completes the local supply chain through the creation of functional objects and tools to work and to furnish the territory.

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In Monferrato there isn’t only great food, but also a great tradition of craftmanship. Furniture making, restoration, the art of barrel making and textiles. In recent years houses have been done up showing the local stones which were hidden before under old stucco or plaster. Old traditions are coming into life again such as basket making or making objects of pottery and ceramics. One example is ‘I subjet di Patro’ (the clay whistles of Patro). Another one is the ‘Meridiana’ the solar wall clocks which we can admire in the houses in Montiglio Monferrato and other villages. 

There are also some antiques and vintage fairs for collectors.