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A heart of food

A really interesting background to discover is that of cooking recipes.

A really interesting background to discover is that of the cooking recipes, which have their roots in the abundance and goodness of the local raw materials and in the peasant creativity that unites the whole area of the District: from this come true preparations, rich in flavor and with stories from curious anecdotes, based on the use of healthy km0 ingredients, i.e. those that, in the mists of time, the inventors had available in the area.

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Part of the richness of this area is the abundance and variety of the Piemontese cuisine based on great local produce. These recipes are very old and passed from one generation to the other: Fritto misto, bagna cauda, finanziera, bollito misto, bagnetti and bonet, just to mention a few. Some of these dishes have been awarded with ‘De.Co.’ (Denominazione comunale) which is an award given to a historical and traditional dish of a certain area. Monferrato offers great dishes: great starters are la Battuta al coltello di Fassone, il vitello tonnato, il capunet and la lingua in salsa verde. Main courses include agnolotti with different fillings such as meat and kale, rabbit, donkey, the plin agnolotti, the tajarin and the risotto or panissa. Even though the sea is not nearby, in its cuisine there is a great use of anchovies (in the bagnetto or bagna cauda) and also cod. 

There is also a rich production of sauces and jams like the ‘cugna’ made with grape must. We should not forget the cotechini, lo stufato d’asino, la trippa and snails. In autumn people love the white truffles (the black ones also called ‘scorzone’ come in summer), grated on risotto, tagliolini and eggs. The hazelnut is the main ingredient of creams, pies, zabaione and bonet. Typical of this area is the ‘merenda sinoira’ which is a light summer meal, late in the afternoon, where you can eat bruschetta, cold cuts, ‘the soma d’aj’ and all of that drinking the great Monferrato wines. A lot of these dishes and produce are also sold at local fairs all year around. This makes them well known to tourists.