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A Heart of facilities

Symbol of this historical network that still survives are the emporiums or shops.

An area so rooted in its past and its morphological characteristics such as Monferrato presents itself with a widespread network of services to the citizen which guarantees a proximity trade that has always been practiced in the villages of the area.

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Thanks to his past and to the land conformation Monferrato offers a variety of facilities and services, which enable business and trade among the villages in the area. A symbol of this old network are the emporiums or very old shops (botteghe) like butchers and food stores (alimentari) which attract many tourists. This is combined with the will to produce excellent food and typical produce. They also offer places where to socialize and get information especially in small villages. There are also weekly markets libraries, sports facilities and even an Observatory in Odalengo Piccolo. We should also mention the skilled people who work in these facilities who offer excellent services.