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A heart of tourism

Hospitality has become in recent years one of the largest components of "commerce" in Monferrato.

Hospitality has become in recent years one of the largest components of “commerce” in Monferrato. The 2018 tourist flows (source: local Atl) showed a total of 63,050 presences (number of nights spent by customers in hospitality establishments in the period considered) and 29,085 arrivals (number of arriving customers who checked-in in the accommodation establishment in the period considered).

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Tourism has become of the most important sectors in the economy of Monferrato. In 2018 (source local agencies) the area counted a figure of 63,050 (number of nights spent during that year in hotels etc) and a figure of 29,085 (customers who have checked in). The tourists can choose from various places where they can spend the night. There are resorts with spa and Michelin star restaurants but also family-owned B&B for an immersion into the Piemontese lifestyle. During the day the tourists can hike along beautiful tracks, can bike or horse ride. Or even rent ebikes and quads. A gorgeous and well known track is the Superga-Vezzolano-Crea or the ‘Cammino di San Michele’ which links Ireland and Jerusalem.  

There are also lots of local tracks and routes mapped under ‘Camminare in Monferrato’. They offer panoramic and scenic spots, there are some beautiful country churches, Big Benches and sculptures inspired by the fossils of ‘Terre Emerse’. There are also many fairs and events dedicated to different produce such as the truffle, the Bue Grasso, asparagus or Donkey meat. There are weekends when the castles and gardens are open and can be visited (Castelli Aperti). Many wine companies then offer testing and guided tours. You can get to know about the wine and of course buy it.

Let’s not forget the three towns awarded with “Bandiera Arancione del Touring Club” (Moncalvo, Cocconato and Ozzano Monferrato), the ‘comuni fioriti’ (with flowers) awarded that by Asproflor because of the high quality of life and ‘I Borghi piu’ belli d’italia’ (the most beautiful towns or villages of Italy) which are Cella Monte and Cocconato.